My kids are the best

Hey 👋🏼 Call me Troy.

I'm a guy on the internet with too many interests. Most of them orbit around learning and writing and software and kids and books and business. This is the place I come to try to string words and ideas together and hold myself accountable.
Credentials are sooo boring. I like this list better.
  • 3 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife
  • Still go to church
  • Split time between Maryland and Delaware
  • Bought a pontoon boat to hang out, fish, and drink beer
  • 42 and still feel like a wide-eyed little kid
  • Wrote software or led software teams for a living for 20 years, including some fun machine learning and model training stuff
  • Bought our 2nd house at the beach 5 years ago and paid it off
  • Runs a lot
  • Like Erasmus, would choose books first over food and clothes
  • Raced cars and taught other people how to race cars
  • Helped build a company from 2 to 200+
  • Love building things out of (wood | words | code | ideas)

Things I've Written

  • Generative Conversations

    I just had lunch with a friend. It was a couple hours long and we talked about everything from Tesla product positioning to the role of the Ten Commandments in society, from sex to the nature of…

    February 07, 2023
  • Sharp Edges

    This little treatise called Caviar Cope was making the rounds in the last week or two. It properly decries and laments the declining state of media today, as any philosopher of the age worth their…

    January 30, 2023
  • Let's Go 2023!

    Let’s GO 2022 was far more of a transition year than I realized. I got to spend a huge amount of time focused on family and friends. I had great work coupled with the flexibility to start building…

    January 04, 2023
  • 2022 Year In Review

    2022 Review! What. A. Year. 2022 was a year of big changes. Boats. Schools. Schedules. Looking back at my goals, I think I had the right ideas. With so much change this year, it was important to…

    January 03, 2023
  • 2022 Books!

    2022 had some good ones.. here they are! How The World Really Works by Vaclav Smil. Smil has become one of my favorite science writers. He ignores all the bullshit and cultural nonsense around the…

    January 02, 2023
  • Our Dumpster Fire Record

    Twitter, the media, and your neighbor Deborah with the bad dye job all agree: the sky is falling and the world is ending. Is that true? Somebody from 1980 would look around today and not recognize a…

    November 29, 2022

There's plenty more to read too

Things I'm Reading

That's 7 books so far this year.

  • Workouts I've Killed

    • 0 Mile RockClimbing, 11 days ago
      40:00 minutes
    • 2.2 Mile Run, 12 days ago
      22:00 at 10:1 pace
    • 1.7 Mile Run, 14 days ago
      22:00 at 12:57 pace
    • 3.29 Mile Run, 15 days ago
      29:30 at 8:57 pace
    • 0 Mile WeightTraining, 18 days ago
      30:00 minutes
  • Things I'm Wondering

    • How are phones and technology changing the way we grow up?
    • What do people actually need out of college?
    • How can more people enjoy two houses?
    • How can work on small projects drive family revenue?
    • What does it take to write a spy novel?